Why I am getting an error "Order has pending edoc files" while processing an order in AWI?

Question: Why I am getting an error "Order has pending edoc files" while processing an order in AWI ?
Answer : There could be few scenarios for this type of issue:
You would need to make sure the files are ready in Pressero in the files tab under Admin > Site > Site name > Orders > Edit Order > Files tab.
If the files are not yet generated then you would need to click on "Generate eDoc files" button to get those files in Pressero first.
For more information on why in some cases edoc production files are missing in files tab for the orders please visit: What if the PDF production file for an order is missing?
Please Note: Production PDF files will normally appear within 15 minutes of the order having been marked paid and approved.

AWI is a real time based application and as soon as the order is placed the AWI starts processing the order however if it does not finds the files in the first cycle of execution due to the above issue then it will show an error that says "Order# has pending edoc files".
Also AWI runs after every 1 hour and if the files were not downloaded in the first run then either you can manually reprocess it or wait for 1 hour of automatic execution as in the next run the pending items will also be fetched by AWI.
If the issue still persists and if it is frequently happening with multiple orders even though the files are ready in Pressero and you have already tried reprocessing the AWI again then you would need to a  submit a support ticket by providing the mandatory details as below as it may require further investigation and may need the attention of dev team.
Data base file: 
The database file can be found:-
Log Files:
You will be able to find the log folder in the same place where Database file resides
Which version of AWI you are using the latest version of AWI can be found here:  Ch. 001b. Installation
Confirmation whether you are using MAC or Windows and the OS of the machine.,also you would need to verify when was the last time this was working correctly for you?