Will orders using a Misc or Open Terms payment method be marked as Paid in Pressero?

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Payment methods on Pressero can be setup as integrated payment methods (such as Authorize.net, Paypal, Moneris, etc.) or they can be setup as non-integrated payment methods. Every site needs to have at least one payment method available for checkout on the site.
A non-integrated payment method that uses a Method Type of Misc, which is also sometimes referred to as an Open Terms payment method, allows the site users to checkout without providing an immediate payment on the orders.
Each order placed on the system has a Paid setting. The Paid status of the order can be seen on the orders list in Pressero admin, on the order history on the site, when editing the order in Pressero admin, using the Report Writer to generate a report on the orders, or checking the downloadable job tickets and detail reports for the order.
Orders placed with a Misc (Open Terms) payment method either get marked Paid or not marked Paid depending on the price on the order.
An order placed using a Misc (Open Terms) payment method with an order price of $0.00 WILL be marked as Paid after checkout.
An order placed using a Misc (Open Terms) payment method with an order price of greater than $0.00 will NOT be marked Paid after checkout.
The reasoning here is that if there is no dollar amount on the order, the order does not require a payment. If the dollar amount is greater than zero then there is still payment required on that order, that will happen later outside of the Pressero site.
For more information on the order functionality, please check chapters Ch. 004. Orders and Ch. 004c. Pending in our knowledgebase.