Is it possible to have the name of the site in Pressero admin be different than the title of the site when it is shown in the browser?

You may wish to have the Site Name as assigned in the settings for a site be different than the title of the site that is shown in the browser window when the site is loaded. This might be necessary, for example, if you are managing a large number of sites in your account and want to assign some kind of prefix, like a number, that will help order the site list when you are viewing them in Pressero admin.
This is possible to do, but how it is done depends on the type of site that you are working with.
On a B2C or an Informational site, you can go to the window Site > Settings > SEO & HTML and use the Page Title setting that is shown there. The Page Title will become the title of the site when the site is loaded in a browser by a user.
On a B2B site, there is no explicit Page Title setting under SEO & HTML, nor are there settings for other SEO-related settings that show on B2C and Informational sites. For B2B sites you can insert any of the relevant HTML tags into the head content for the site by using the 'HTML content for top of <head> section' or 'HTML content for bottom of <head> section' fields that appear on the SEO & HTML window.
Adding a title tag, such as <title>Visible Site Title</title> to the HTML content for top of <head> section area will then show "Visible Site Title" as the title of the site when the site is loaded into a browser.