Working with Pressero-Zapier Integration?

How does Zapier Works with Pressero ?
Zapier allows you to connect your apps and automate workflows. Zapier Moves info between your web apps automatically,so you can focus on your most important work.
Please visit this page to know more about Zapier#
The setup or the flow for the zapier will look like:
Aleyant Pressero ► Zapier ► Third Party application

Aleyant Pressero ► (Trigger ► (Action ► Choose the relevant app to pass the data)
Please Note : You must have a zapier account and also the Pressero Zapier Invitation link(which will be provided by the support team) in order to create a zap.
To know what are the steps you need to take in order to integrate Pressero with Zapier please visit our support chapter for Integration - Zapier - Pressero Setup
How can I verify the data that is being sent to the third party applications via zapier ? 
This totally depends upon the trigger you are setting up for Pressero application(Aleyant Pressero) and data available in the trigger while making a ZAP and more importantly what data you require for your third party applications like Invoicing modules etc.
List of Trigger events available in the dropdown while making a Zap along with the sample data associated with each.
  • Order Item Status Change: Triggers when the status of an item in the order changes.
          Download the sample data for this trigger: Order Item Status Change.docx
  • Order Placed: Triggers when Pressero receives a new order.
          Download the sample data for this trigger: Order Placed.docx
  • Order Updated: Triggers when an order is updated
        Download the sample data for this trigger: Order Updated.docx
  • New Site: Triggers when a New Site is created
        Download the sample data for this trigger: New Site.docx
  • Order Item Updated: Triggers when an item in the order is updated.
        Download the sample data for this trigger: Order Item Updated.docx
  • Payment Received: Triggers when Pressero receives the payment for the order.
        Download the sample data for this trigger: Payment Received.docx
  • New Site User: Triggers when a new site user is created.
       Download the sample data for this trigger: New Site User.docx
  • Updated Site User: Triggers when a site user detail is updated.

    Download the sample data for this trigger: Updated Site User.docx
Please Note: The sample data for each trigger varies & would have the fields you may or may not require for your third party application.Hence it is important to make a note what all data you would require for in your next step while creating an action in order to pass it to the third party applications.
Now while setting up an action let's say you want to have a trigger where an order is placed in Pressero and you want the sales invoice should be created in their invoicing module.
Once you have setup your account with the invoicing module you can choose your account and then you have the ability to customise the Sales Invoice(a template form that allows you to choose the data you would need from Pressero).
This is the place where you fill the fields(optional or required) for each column available and choose the data from the dropdown extracted from Pressero,however there are cases where you might not find the column in the pre defined template available to you for the action customisation.
In such cases you will notice there are couple of optional columns that could be utilised for the mandatory fields you would need to send it to invoicing module as indicated above.
Hence depending upon your requirement you can choose the values in the dropdown for the optional columns you need to pass it to your invoicing module.
Also please refer to our training video to understand how does Zapier Integration works with Pressero:  How to connect your Pressero System with third party applications like XERO using Zapier