Why doesn't scaling in tFLOW work correctly with my file?

Some history first. Up to June 2020, there have existed some limitations on the size of the canvas you can make within illustrator (just over 200" x 200"), and the max dimensions you can make a PDF (200" x 200"). We have a previously created KB article here:
On June 2020, Adobe released a new version of Illustrator v24.2, which allows you to create a "100x Canvas", meaning you can now create billboard size graphics within illustrator and export them to PDF (given that you use a supported PDF version when saving the PDF).
If you create artwork in Illustrator v.24.2 (or newer) with a dimension larger than 200 inches, and choose a Compatibility of Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5), it does give you a warning about issues:
"To view your artwork in actual size, use Acrobat 1.6 or later. For other versions, the artwork is scaled and appears ten times smaller"
So first thing is to check for the following items if you run into scaling issues:
  1. Is your file created in Illustrator v24.2 or newer?
  2. Is your file using Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5) or older compatibility?
If so, then the file is setup incorrectly, when trying to create these oversize dimensions (larger than 200 x 200). Even if the file is originally created scaled, if at least one of the dimensions is larger than 200" it can cause this issue. Look for the error when saving out an art file. Try to use Acrobat 7 (PDF 1.6) or newer to support these oversize PDF dimensions, so that scaling works properly inside tFLOW.
To find out whether your file meets the 2 items listed above, open the file in Acrobat.
On the tools menu - search for Preflight:
Select the Preflight Option, which opens a dialog box. Expand the "Digital Printing and Online Publishing" options and select "Digital Printing (color)":
Click Analyze.
Once you get the results, you'll see a list of items that can be expanded. You'll want to look for the "Overview > Document Information" area. Look for the PDF Version Number and the Creator values:
If these values match the situation listed above: 
  1. Is your file created in Illustrator v24.2 or newer?
  2. Is your file using Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5) or older compatibility?
Then this is the cause of the scaling issues. Otherwise, if instead it meets either of the following criteria, please open a ticket with our support team for investigation:
Scenario 1:
File is created in Illustrator 24.1 or older
- File is using Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5) or older compatibility
Scenario 2:
- File is created in Illustrator 24.2 or newer
- File is using Acrobat 7 (PDF 1.6) or newer compatibility
Additional Notes:
Some older RIPs or Cutting software do not fully support some of the newer PDF formats (6 or newer). You may need to check with your vendor to check what compatibility your software can use. If files are being created in newer versions of Illustrator utilizing newer features such as 100x Canvas those files may run into issues at the RIP. You may need to either update your software to a version that supports the new formats, or save the file in an older format, with correct versioning and compatibility.
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