A portion of my image or certain elements of a field graphic are missing when customizing

When using a standard upload image field or a Graphic File field in eDocBuilder, you're able to use PDF files or some EPS files.
These files may contain vector data that are the result of "Illustrator" exclusive elements:
  • Illustrator patterns
  • Illustrator shape tracings
While Acrobat may be able to "display" these images correctly once exported from Illustrator, when used in eDocBuilder they may not immediately work well in your template without some "fixes" first.
When eDocBuilder uses these graphic files, it's "editing" them and making them a part of your overall template design. Since the elements were created in Illustrator and therefore can only be edited in Illustrator, eDocBuilder may run into compatibility issues when trying to render such elements.
The easiest thing to do when using these elements in a graphic file is to make sure you "Expand" these elements within Illustrator before creating the PDF (or EPS) that you will use as an image in eDocBuilder.
"Expanding" these elements creates a true "vector" element within the file, instead of it being a "render" when it's converted to PDF. If you don't "expand" these elements and try to use this inside eDocBuilder you're essentially creating a render inside a render, causing the image to either not show, or partially not show when customizing.
Here's a reference from Adobe's support site:
If you continue to experience issues even after taking the above steps, you'll want to go to the Template Info area of your template, and find the "Preview" section.
Make sure you un-check "Disable anti-alias on preview images".
Save + Commit, then test again.
If you continue to have issues after taking these steps, please open a ticket with our support team for further investigation.