How to configure Cyrious Integration

How to configure Cyrious Integration

Preliminary steps

The integration is working establishing a direct connection to the Cyrious database.
The initial requirements are then:
  1. a MS SQL database user 
  2. we need to have access from our server to the database (direct or proxy)
    ip address (static IP) and port number  

The connector can work with Cyrious in two ways:

1. Direct database connection (preferred)
In this case we will need:
- database user (SQL server Authorization)
- allow remote access to the database (ip address (static IP) and port number):

To open the access the subscriber needs to open TCP ports 1433 and 1434,

Instructions on how to do this:


2. Connection via out proxy system

In this case we need:

  • Access to install our SQL agent or we can provide commands to run under Administrator user
  • Client needs to open some TCP port on firewall (for example TCP 9000)

In both cases incoming connections require to whitelist the following IP addresses:

3. Additional steps
  • Subscriber needs to provide: ip address (static IP) and port number for database connection

  • We also need username and password for database (user should use SQL Authorization)

  • Client needs to create three modifiers in Cyrious:

    • for Products mapping (list of options from dropdown list), name this modifier as "tflow_product"

    • for Queues mapping (list of options from dropdown list), name this modifier as "tflow_queue"

    • flag for synchronization (Y/N flag), name this modifier as "tflow_process"

  • We will need EXECUTE permission to use

    • object 'csf_chapi_nextid'

    • database 'StoreData'

    • schema 'dbo'

    • stored procedure 'ahUpdateOrderLineState' 

  • We will need write permissions for "SelectionListItem" table and read permissions for others.


4. Modifiers settings

The modifiers are needed to allow the products and production queues synchronization between tFLOW and Cyrious.
A modifiers is basically a new UI element in Cyrious that could be a checkbox or a list.
In case of a list the content displayed is associated to an internal dictionary in the Cyrious DB.
The 3 modifiers will be displayed as Add/ons on new order creation.

The "tflow_process" flag will tell Cyrious when send the new order to tFlow or not.

Modifiers creation:

  1. go to Modifiers setup
  2. create the 3 required modifiers


Once the modifiers have been created then it is required to add one entry in each of the 2 new modifiers for tflow_product and tflow_queue lists.
To do this:

  1. go to the "Selection Lists" in Cyrious
  2. select one modifier
  3. edit the list
  4. add an entry calling it as "test product" then one calling it as "test queue", assign the default values to other fields
  5. save the change
  6. restart Cyrious

Now send a message to the Aleyant support team for the final configuration.
As soon as the synchronization will be completed  the modifiers will be populated with the product and the queue lists from tFLOW.

5. Products and queues association
You can now associate the tFlow products and queues to your Cyrious products.

To do this:

  1. Go to Pricing setup
  2. Select the wanted product, 
  3. Edit it
  4. Assign the correspondent tFlow product, tFlow queue and check the synchronization flag in the modifiers section:


The settings are now completed!

6. Test

To test just create an order, assign a product where you have created the association at the previous step and the modifiers values will have the wanted values assigned.
Save the order and after a short time check in tFlow that the new pushed order contains a job with the correct product assignment.