Why I am not able to see a site in Pressero Admin

If you are not able to see the site that you created and was working in Pressero Admin,the there can be a couple of reasons: 
1)     Site is deleted: One possible reason is that the site is deleted. If the site is deleted the you will be able to see that site in the list of deleted sites. You will find an option of Deleted sites just below the tools section. Expand the deleted site option and check if you are able to see that site in the list. If you are able to see it and want to activate the site, please click this link to know how yu can do it: Recovering deleted sites
2)     Another reason is that you do not have permission to access the site. If you notice you have an option of Admin Groups in Admin > Site > User Management > Admin Groups. This admin group allows you to set specific admin permission pertaining to specific site. Check if the Admin Group permission for this site has been set to denied. You may not be able to do it yourself as you are not able to view the site and hence you may need to speak to any other person in your organisation who can log-in to Pressero and able to view the site. If none of your admins are able to view that site, then please submit a support ticket by clicking here.
Please note: The 2nd reason can only happen if the site specific Admin permission is set to denied. Please avoid using denied permission, unless absolutely necessary.