Ch. 041a Field Designer: Creating New Templates

Creating New Templates

You might be familiar with previous ways of creating a template in eDocBuilder, which often required a pre-created form such as a PDF, or required you to create your fields in a program such as InDesign that you then imported into eDocBuilder.

With Field Designer you no longer need to do that. You can create a template entirely from scratch in eDocBuilder.

To create a new template, go to the Template tab (if you're not there already), and look for the green +Create Template button. As seen in the image above, the +Create Template button is located directly below the Template tab.

Select Forms or Interactive, enter a template name, and click the Create button.


"Forms" Template or "Interactive" Template?

Form templates allow you to use Response Sets, and they also allow you to use barcode fields in your template. Read more about Response Sets here.

Interactive templates do not allow you to use Response Sets, or add barcode fields, but they do allow you to configure ways for your customer to interact with the template which aren't possible for Form templates.

Read more on Interactive templates here, and on tools for users customizing interactive designer templates here.

Setting Template Size and Number of Pages

After you create your template, you will be taken to the Assets tab and should look something like this:

Because many people import PDF forms to base their templates on, the page defaults to the Upload PDF tab. If you plan to create a template from scratch, click the From Scratch tab. It will load a page like this:

Template Assets, Creating from Scratch

Use the fields in the From Scratch tab to set the number of pages and enter the page width and the page height.

By default, the unit of measurement for the page width and height may be something other than what you need. In that case, look in the upper right of the page for this box:

Default Unit Selection

The Units drop-down allows you to set the units of measure for the template. The unit you select for the template also affects the measurement display for rules when you are moving fields around the template using drag-and-drop.

Here's a breakdown of how specific units of measurement affect the display of rulers:

Unit of Measure Ruler View
Points Points
Inches Inches
Feet Inches
Microns Centimeters
Mm (Millimeters) Centimeters
Cm (Centimeters) Centimeters
M (Meters) Centimeters

Once you have set the units of measure, entered the number of pages, and set the page width and page height, click the Save & Commit button to save the template.