Ch. 041e Field Designer: Adding Text, Image, Shape and Non-Printable Fields

Adding Text, Image, Shape, and Non-Printable Fields

To create a new field for your template, use the Insert menu.

Currently, if you are working with a Form template, there are five types of fields you can insert:

  • Image
  • Text
  • Barcode
  • NonPrintable
  • Shape

When you click one of these options, a blank field of the type you choose will be inserted into your template. From there, you can resize it, rotate it, and move it around on your template by hovering your mouse over it in the center section, and clicking when your cursor changes.

If you are working with an Interactive template, your options under Insert may be different. For example, the Barcode field type is not available for Interactive templates.

For Image, Text, Barcode and NonPrintable fields, the screen below allows you to enter the Field Name, Prompt Text and an optional Tooltip. Note: It is recommended to NOT use "id" for the Field Name unless your intention is to override the Job Name in Pressero. 

Non-Printable Fields

Non-printable fields indicate to your customer that they cannot add any images or text to a particular area of the template.

A field that is set as non-printable will never print on the production file or display in the preview, and prevents the customer from adding any images or text in that area.

By default, a non-printable field is grey with a crossed-out printer icon.

Once you add a non-printable field in the Field Designer, you can also assign an image by selecting an image that you previously added to your template assets.

Setting a Field's General, Style and Layout Attributes

When you click on a given field in the center or in the list on the far left side of the page, the display attributes appear in the right side of the page. Below is an example of how the three different tabs (General, Style and Layout) for a Text field look.

Template Fields in eDocBuilder work largely the same way regardless of if you use Field Designer or Field Setup to configure them. Therefore, you can consult other chapters in this manual for detailed information on configuring field settings.

See the following eDocBuilder manual chapters to get started: