Can I change the status messages that show on the Order Summary page after a client has completed checking out on their order?

This is a workaround that changes the text of the Order Cancelled status on the Order Summary page, when a site user is has completed checking out an order on a Pressero site using one of the hosted integratd payment methods. 
The current behavior is that the order gets placed into an Order Cancelled status until the payment processor's confirmation on the transaction is returned to Pressero. Once the transaction is confirmed the order moves into a Order Received status.
It is possible that some site users can be concerned or confused because, after placing and paying for their order, they see the status of Order Cancelled on the summary page presented to them after checkout.
The method described below uses a scripting override applied to the site settings to change the text of Order Cancelled to some other value on the site. This scripting override does not actually change the status of the order on Pressero admin on the backend.
Please be aware that this method also changes the text of Order Cancelled on the Order Summary page when an order has been legitimately cancelled.
We are working on changes for the checkout process that will make this workaround unnecessary in the long run, but if you are experiencing complaints because of this behavior, this is an option you can consider for your site.
If you would like to change the status of Order Cancelled, you can use the script snippet below to change the text on the Order Summary page to some other value, like Order Recieved. The code snippet below has to be placed into the Footer content of the website by going to Settings, to the Content tab, to the Footer area on that tab, and then using the </> button to insert the code below for the footer area. 
Insert this script on your site at Settings > Content > Footer > </> as shown in the screenshot above.
$(".statusItemName").text(function () {
    return $(this).text().replace("Order Cancelled", "Order Received"); 
Note: In the above example the text 'Order Cancelled' is the text to be replaced. The text 'Order Received' is the text that will replace the text to be replaced.
While the method above could be changed to replace any text on the site, this method is best used sparingly to change small amounts of specific text on a site. This method can only be used to change straight text on a page. If you attempt to use this method to change controls, such as buttons, it may break the functionality of those elements. Also, adding many of these script overrides to your site, and especially many overrides involving large amounts of text, could impact the performance and behavior of your site.