Ch. 041f Field Designer: Selecting Multiple Fields to Align, Duplicate or Delete

Selecting Multiple Fields to Align, Duplicate, or Delete

In Field Designer you can align and distribute multiple fields. To select multiple fields, hold down the CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) key and click on each field you want to align or distribute.

Aligning Fields

Once you have multiple fields selected, you can look at the far right for a menu that allows you to align and distribute the selected fields.


The first three icons allow you to left-align, center-align, and right-align all selected fields. The middle three icons allow you to align all selected fields to the bottom, center, or top. The last two icons allow you to distribute all selected fields vertically, or horizontally.

Duplicating Multiple Fields

First, make sure the Fields tab is selected in Field Designer. Then select the fields while holding down the CTRL or Command keys. At the top of the Fields tab, you will see a counter displaying you how many fields you have selected, and a white button that reads Duplicate when you hover over it.

Click Duplicate, and a series of boxes will pop up where you can name the field, set the prompt, and set the tooltip.

After that, click Create to move onto the next. There will be one box to fill out for each field.

Deleting Multiple Fields

To delete multiple fields fast, while on the Fields tab in Field Designer, hold down CTRL or Command keys and click all the fields you want to remove, then click the red Delete button. If you mistakenly delete a field, use the Undo button to bring them back.


Interactive Designer Templates: Aligning and Distributing Fields as a Customer

End Users can also use Distribute and Align when customizing an Interactive Designer template. You can preview this by clicking on the magnifying glass icon for an Interactive Designer template, or by clicking Test Template if you’re already editing it in the Field Designer.

To select multiple fields on Windows, hold down CTRL and click on all fields you want to select. On Macs, hold down Command and click on your fields. Then use the drop-down menu from the top to align or distribute your selected fields, as in the animation above.


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