Ch. 041g Field Designer: Setting Field Prompts, Size, Tooltips, Entry Blocks, and the "Required?" Flag

Setting Field Prompts, Size, Tooltips, Entry Blocks, and the "Required?" Flag

After you have inserted a field, you may notice the left side of the page is divided into two tabs: Fields and Form.

Click the Form tab to set the following:

  • Prompt: The question the customer sees that tells them what to enter, such as First Name or Email Address.
  • Size: The width of the field the customer sees when entering data into it (Form templates only).
  • Tooltip: Additional information about the field that the customer sees when hovering their mouse over the blue question mark symbol for the field.
  • Required: Allows you to set a field as "Required" so a customer MUST fill it out before proceeding. Also adds a red asterisk to the field.
  • Character Limit: For text fields, allows you to set a maximum text length for a field. Also, if you are using Entry Blocks, allows you to make a particular field larger or smaller visually, so they can appear side-by-side.
  • Display Character Counter: For larger text fields, shows a customer how many characters they have left after beginning to enter text.
  • Field Order: By dragging and dropping a field, you can change the order the customer sees the field in when they enter data.

Field Width (Form Templates only)

If you click on a field, you will have an option to set the width by percentage, both if the field is in an Entry Block, and also if it's not included in an Entry Block.

This option isn't available for Interactive Designer templates.

Entry Blocks

The Form tab also allows you to click on check marks for individual fields so that you can select and assign them to an Entry Block.

An example of when this might be used is when you have three name-related fields (Title, First Name, Last Name) and want to associate them together. Or if you have a large template spanning multiple pages, it may be useful to use Entry Blocks to group fields that "belong" to one page so they are easier for you and customers to navigate.

For Form templates, you can also adjust the widths of fields placed into an Entry Block.

Form Template Entry Blocks

To create an Entry Block, go to the Form tab, and click on or hover over one of the fields you want to add to an Entry Block grouping. You'll see a check box appear at the top of the field; click it to select the field. Then, go to the next field you need to have in your Entry Block, and click the check for that one as well, until you have all of the fields you need selected.

Once you have selected all your fields, look at the top of the column for the button that says + Entry Block and click it.
The fields you selected will be grouped together, and as in the example image below, a new box will appear that will let you name the Entry Block, and also add instructions that you can provide your customers on how to fill out the fields appropriately.



If you need to add additional fields to an existing Entry Block later, there are two ways. You can click the check mark on all the fields you need added, then scroll down to find the existing Entry Block you need to add them to. In the upper right of that Entry Block, there is a blue icon you can click to add the fields you have currently selected to that Entry Block.

Alternately, you can drag and drop fields into (and out of) the Entry Block.

When working with an Entry Block, you can also adjust the width of the field, so they can line up side-by-side.  This can be done by using the character count (a smaller character count will make a smaller field, to a minimum of 25% of the width), or you can use the width option drop-down. You might set a phone number field to be smaller, and the Ext field to be larger (but not 100%), and when these fields are in a group together, they will be shown side-by-side instead of one above the other.

If you need to remove an Entry Block, find the Entry Block on the Form tab and click the red icon in the upper right corner. This will remove ALL fields assigned to that Entry Block.

Interactive Template Entry Blocks

Entry Blocks in an Interactive Template work similarly as to Form Templates, but you do not have the option to change the sizes. To create an Entry Block, go to the Form tab and hover your mouse over a field and check it. After you've checked several fields, you can click the + Entry Block button to create it, and then give it a name.