Ch. 041h Field Designer: Using the Form Tab to Change Field Display Order

Using the Form Tab to Change Field Display Order

When you select the Form tab on the left side of Field Designer, you will see the fields in the order in which a customer will see them when they are entering the information you're asking for.

Using a Form Template

This area allows you to drag, drop, and resize Form Template fields. You can also resize fields so they display beside each other no matter if they’re located within Entry Blocks or not. You can even add or remove fields from an entry block using drag-and-drop.



If you are using Entry Blocks, there’s also an option to force smaller fields to be on separate lines, instead of next to one another. This is exclusive to fields that are grouped in an Entry Block. See the animation below.


Using an Interactive Designer Template

You won't have all the same abilities to resize the fields when working with an Interactive Designer template, but you can still drag and drop them.