Ch. 041i Field Designer: Place, Position and Rotate Fields

Place, Position and Rotate Fields

In the center section of Field Designer, use a mouse to resize, rotate, and move fields. Below is an animation demonstrating how the mouse cursor changes when you hover over various parts of a field.
Breakdown of the mouse cursor icons:
  • 4-way cross: drag and drop the entire field to somewhere else on the template.
  • 2-way arrow: resize the field, depending which side or corner you drag from. Using it on a corner will resize the field both horizontally and vertically, while using it on just the top/bottom or left/right sides will only resize vertically or horizontally.
  • Hand icon: Lets you rotate the entire image.
When you drag a field on a template, it will snap into alignment with other fields or with grid lines if you have gone to View and have turned the snapping options on.
Note: remember to Save your work.