Ch. 041j Field Designer: Previewing a Template from Customer Perspective

Previewing a Template from Customer Perspective

In the upper right-hand corner of the page above the Save & Publish button is the Test Template button.

Test Template allows you to preview your template to see how the Prompts and the Default text will look to a customer filling out the template. It also allows you to test the form and confirm the fields you've marked as “Required” are identified appropriately. 

Note: The Test Template feature uses the version of the template you last saved, so be sure to click the Save & Publish button before testing the template, otherwise you may not see all of your most recent changes reflected on the page.



Above is an example of what you might see using Test Template. On the left, fill out your fields as a customer. Use the green-outlined Update Preview button at the bottom to update the template preview on the right with your sample content.