Quick List

Quick List is a feature in PrintJobManager that adds a simpler view of your jobs. Designed with the look and feel of both the scheduling module and the List Estimates/Jobs view, this view provides a performance update to the current List view. Quick List loads faster, and status changes do NOT require the page to reload. It contains functions to Edit Job, Manage Job, Copy Job to New Order, Edit Order, and all of the reports. 

Quick List displays all the jobs that are in PrintJobManager, with four important distinctions from the current List Estimates/Jobs view:

  • Fewer columns – includes the essentials: Customer, Job Name, Organization, Due date, Order Number, Status, Shipping Address, Billing Address, Create Date, Description, Price and Quantity.
  • Incorporated the right-side view panel with tickets specs – similar to the Scheduling view, you can view the job ticket without downloading it.
  • Only one view – set up in the Settings area. Once those are set, it’s a single list view.
  • Faster performance – changing the status only changes the statistics and does not reload the whole page.
The Job Settings screen is the same style as for the Scheduling view. Note the smaller set of columns; you can still choose the statuses that you want to see.
Use the “Home Page Url” drop-down in Settings > General Settings to set your default view. 
There is no change to the current List Estimate/Jobs view or List Manager.