How can I improve my site performance?

There are many elements that work towards the performance of your site like number of products and category on the landing page, number and size of the Category, product and banner images, number of site groups, third party objects, like a social media widget added from the third party app provider.
Some of the points listed below will help you in improving your site performance.
Banner Images:
  • The best size for Banner images is to keep them within 1024x768 px dimensions and 800kb and under. Using larger images will affect your site performance..
Product and Category images:
  • Recommended size 800 px x 800 px, 72 dpi, png, jpg, gif. The larger the image, the more time it will utilise to open on the site.
Addition of Custom Code
  • Any custom code added to the site to show social media icons or having chat services on the site will also be responsible for slow loading times.
Usage of Sub-Menus in Navigation: 
  • When designing the Navigation, it is very important to use actual elements. Sometimes to "organise" the categories and products in the navigation you may be tempted to use sub-menus. Using too many sub-menus will also affect site performance and increase loading time on your site.
Number of Product and Categories 
  • The number of categories on the landing page will also impact the performance. The more categories you show on the landing page, the slower the site will be and hence if you have more categories and a greater number of tiers, then try to use combinations to reduce the number of categories and the number of tiers being used. A good rule-of-thumb is if you have categories with only one product in them, then you may want to rethink having that category exist at all. Check to see if the product fits within another category.
Site Groups: 
  • Having too many site groups and the user being a part of too-many site Groups also affects the performance. Permissions control what elements are available to a user on the site when they log on, and too many variations on this affects loading time. Try to minimize the number to improve performance.