• SessionID and Remote Tag - These pieces of order identification information are most useful for clients who integrate eDocBuilder with a system other than Pressero, Aleyant's web-to-print solution.
  • Order Date - This time stamp refers to the time the eDocBuilder session was opened.
  • Template Name - The name of the eDocBuilder template used in the order
  • Order Name - The Identifying Field set in the template's Template Info area to help you more easily distinguish orders from each other
  • Hit Count - For forms-based (standard) templates, this is the number of times that the user clicked “Update preview” during customization. For Interactive Designer templates, it is typically the number of times the preview was viewed. When this number is 0, it means that the user viewed the template and immediately abandoned it without customizing (forms-based) or never viewed the proof (Interactive Designer). This can assist you in determining which of your templates may need to be improved.
  • Open? - If there is a checkmark in this column, the user who began this eDocBuilder session has not yet completed editing their order or adding it to their cart. This may be a session in progress or one that the user abandoned.
  • Approved? - A checkmark in this column indicates that the user has checked out with this order. Note: This column does not refer to the template's approval status in Pressero.
  • Edit Order - Click this link to open the eDocBuilder session for editing.
  • First Page Preview - For forms-based templates, sessions where the users has clicked “Update Preview” will generate an image in this column. For Interactive Designer templates, sessions that have been successfully added to a user's cart will display a preview image here. If neither of these conditions are met, a default camera image is displayed.
  • Download Proof PDF - If the conditions for “First Page Preview” are met, you will also be able to download a proof PDF by clicking this link.
  • Generate - This button forces the production file to be regenerated. Only sessions that are closed and approved can be regenerated.
  • Download Production File - If an order is closed and approved, you can download the production file by clicking this link. If you use eDocBuilder without Pressero, you may need to click the “Generate” button first.

Show/Hide columns

Sometimes you may want to simply hide a column. This is done by clicking the Columns drop down on the upper right. Place a check mark next to the columns you want and remove the check mark for those that you do not then click Apply. 

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