How do I add a link to download a file on a product, category or page on my site?

While it is possible to have a product asset setup that will provide a button control on a product page for downloading an associated asset file, many times our users just want to add a basic link on their Pressero site to download a file. A link such as that could be added to the product description area, category description area, a page on the site, or any area on the site settings that allows for entering html code that should display on the site. 
The most basic form of a link for doing this would be a simple a link such as below. In order to create this link, you have to know the url to the file that you want to have available for download through that link. 
<a href="(path or url to file)">DOWNLOAD FILE HERE</a>

It is possible to upload any file you might want to have available for download to the Webfiles folder in your account. Go to Tools > File Manager from the left menu in your Pressero account. The File Manager will show you a few folders. The Webfiles folder is where you should add any files that you would want to generally make available for download on your sites.

Click on the Webfiles folder to move into that folder, and then the Upload button at the top near the File manager title bar will let you upload into this folder, or there is also a Create Folder button if you want to organize these files into a new folder.
Once you have a file uploaded and available in the File Manager, you can click on that file to display it's properties and actions. The name of the file will show, with the path to the file in your account displayed below, and there is a small button to the right of the path to the file that will allow you to copy the file path. 
The file path is all you need to add to the link to let the file be downloadable. Once you have the file path copied, you can paste it into the href attribute of the link, which would result in a line of html code something like what is shown below.
<a href="/files/subscribers/be686231-fbe3-4bea-9f91-e58ea1e60499/Webfiles/direct_mailing.png">DOWNLOAD FILE HERE</a>
Once you have the link formed and ready, then you can add it to the product or page on the Pressero site. For a product, go to Catalog > Products on the site menu, edit a product and switch to it's Description tab. On the row of button controls underneath the title Long Description is a button for inserting html code into the page, shown as </>. The code for the link can be inserted in the window that shows when you click the </> button.
To add the link to a description for a category, go to Catalog > Categories on your site, and edit one of your categories. Click on the Long Description tab, and then find the </> buton on the controls to insert the link code. If adding the link to a page on your site, you can go to Pages on the site menu, edit the page you want to add the link to, and then click the </> button to insert the link code.
Note that the path to the file that you can copy through File Manager when looking at a file will be a unique path for every account, and that you will need to go to your File Manager to copy the correct path to a file in your Pressero account.