LayoutURL and CssURL deprecated from IFrame Client by 12/31/2020

With recent UI updates to the iframe client we determined that allowing end users to customize the HTML is preventing our ability to provide timely updates for 100% of our user base. Due to this we will be removing all customization abilities from iframe client and essentially making it no different than the Pressero client. By 12/31/2020 the iframe client will be removed.

Considering that eDocBuilder is also sold by itself and also comes packaged with Pressero we have determined to simplify our code base and only provide eDocBuilder through one single interface, Pressero client.

If you or your company is integrating the iFrame client into a third party app or site AND you have any templates using the layouturl or cssurl to customize the html then you will need to test your templates by removing the layouturl and cssurl from the query string.  If you have questions or need support to update these layouturl settings please contact support. 

If you are not using a layouturl or cssurl then no action will be needed.  The templates will automatically begin to use the updated Pressero client interface. 

Once these query string parameters are removed the server will recognize the change upon refresh and redirect to template to use the Pressero client application.

If your integrations cannot function properly, end users cannot customize templates and purchase products, then please contact us for specific direction.

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