Pressero Integration Logs

Pressero Integration Logs
In this document we will cover the details about newly added feature that appears along with the Pressero Integration services known as Integration Logs.
Integration Logs: This area will give us the details about the failed orders or jobs coming from Pressero and did not pushed to PrintJobManager dashboard,with the help of error logs we can identify & rectify the issue so that Job gets pushed successfully to PrintJobManager which may have failed for various reasons.
Once you click on Integration logs you will see the screen with the list of failed jobs along with the detailed information what could be the possible reasons the Job is failed.

This section has some options available that can be used to view and rectify the error logs in order for them to push to PrintJobManager dashboard.
1. View : By clicking on the eye button you can go through and view the detailed error logs.
2. Retry : After you have verified the error logs you can give a trail by clicking on this button.
3. View Pressero Site : This will take you to the Pressero admin dashboard in order for making the appropriate changes in the order that got failed.
4. Delete : By clicking on this the failed job will get removed from the list.

If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support