How do I link an eDoc template to Pressero product using API ?

Question: How do I link an eDoc template to the Pressero product using API ?
Answer: You can certainly link an edoc template to a Pressero product using API by getting the Document code for that specific template.
To get the code from edocbuilder you would need to go to edocbuilder admin > Templates > Template Name > Template info tab > You will see option for "Document Code" this is the code you would require to connect with pressero product using API.

Now to connect Pressero product with edoc template using API there are two things that can be done either you Create or Update Product.
Create Product Using API POST method :{domain}/products
Update Product Using API  PUT method :{domain}/products
While you do either of the above call using API and if you would like to get the product connected with edoc template then you would need to add the below information in your payload data:
eDocCode : this will identify the eDoc template that needs to be used with the product. 
     "ProductInfo": {
         "ProductName": "Aleyant Post Card",
         "eDocCode": "d365aa97-6676-48ff-b21f-24617f38be8c"

Related information about API could be found in the below document.