Is there an example of how suppressions can work in a Spreadsheet Pricing engine?

Using the Spreadsheet Price Engine method you can have a condition and based on that condition, the other pricing parameters can appear or be suppressed.
You can download the example spreadsheet from here: BasicSuppressionExample.xlsx
When creating the Spreadsheet Price Engine in your Pressero account under Preferences > Price Engines, you will need to add the cell mapping for the output cells, the cells with the quantity parameters, and any other parameters that match to the spreadsheet file that is going to be used by that price engine.
A screenshot of how the example linked above will look, and the values used to map the cells on the example spreadsheet are shown below.
Output Cells:
Quantity Parameters:
Other Parameters:
In the attached example spreadsheet there are three pricing options defined as:
  • Quantity
  • What type of paper do you need?
  • The Color Option which will only appear if the value of the above condition is "Colored Paper"
In the D3 cell in the example spreadsheet linked above, there is an if-else conditional statement:

Based on the above if "What type of paper do you need"="Colored Paper" the statement will return either true, or else false.
In the D4 cell you will see there is another formula as stated below :
This means if the above D3 condition is True then only shows the B5 (Color option) or else do not show the option.
So using If-else conditions you can set a condition as stated above so that the following option only shows if the first condition is true or else suppress the option.
Please note that this method of doing suppressions in the dropdown fields of a spreadsheet price engine will only work if triggered by selections in the quantity columns, and will not respond to selections setup as other option dropdowns in the price engine.
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