Why I am not able to see the option "Select One" in Pressero product though it works fine on PJM's end while testing the engine?

Question: When I create a product engine in PJM and have an option where the selection is set to forced, it appears correctly in PJM but when assigned to a product in Pressero it doesn't?
Answer: The reason why this is not working in Pressero but working in PrintJobManager is because the product in Pressero is mapped with the SOAP type APJM engine,in order for the Select one option from PJM to work in Pressero the product should be assigned to JSON APJM engine.
You would need to make sure the pressero product is mapped to JSON engine that is created under Preferences > Pressero Admin > Pricing Engines > External service > Create a new one if not created.
Here you will fill the engine details as mentioned in the below image.
Service Type: JSON
User: Username to login to printjobmanager
Password: password to login to printjobmanager
Once created then you would need to map your pressero product under Admin > Site > Site Name > Catalog > Products > Pricing Tab > assign the JSON engine with the MIS ID from product engine > Save.
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