Is it possible to get a spreadsheet listing of all products on my site?

If you are just looking for a list of all products on your site, you can get that from the admin interface by going to Catalog > Products and choosing the Export to Excel button to the right of Include Deleted at the upper-right of the listing of products on the site. 
If you wanted to get a list of all products and pages on the site, that can be retrieved through the site map addresses for your site as HTML or XML.
To do this, you can add sitemap or sitemap.xml onto the base domain address for your site, following the last slash.
For example, these two addresses will show the listing for our site:
The sitemap addresses will be available on B2C or Informational sites publicly. Please keep in mind that if you are doing this on a B2B site, you will need to login in order to see these listings.