Why are some orders missing when attempting to find from "All Orders" area of admin dashboard?

Question: I am looking at the "All Orders" screen within the Pressero dashboard and cannot seem to locate some of my past orders.  Why are some of my older orders not showing?
Answer:  There are a few different reasons why older orders may not be showing.  The first reason may be that the filters within Pressero are blocking these orders from being shown.  To adjust this, make sure that the filters for "Start Date" and "End Date" at the top of the screen are including the orders you would like to see.  If you type in a new date range, make sure to click the green arrow on the right side to refresh the page.
If your orders are still not showing, it is possible that you may have deleted the site that the orders were received on.  If a site is deleted, these orders will also not show; however, if you reactivate the site the orders will once again appear on the "All Orders" tab as you would expect.
Contact support if you are still unable to see past orders.