Some orders from Pressero are missing in PrintJobManager dashboard ?

Question: Some orders from Pressero are missing in PrintJobManager dashboard ?
Answer: You can certainly check the logs if a specific order from Pressero did not arrived in PJM Dashboard.
i) You can go to PJM admin > Settings > Integration Services > Pressero > Integration Logs > Integration Logs.
Here you can get the list of failed jobs originating from Pressero along with their reasoning if you select the view icon and that issue could be corrected.
Once you see the logs why the Job is failed and if you are able to make the necessary changes then you can Retry to push the order again to PJM.
If it still fails to clear the Job then please raise a ticket at Submit Ticket.
Please Note: If the Order is coming from Pressero and is not paid(in case of integrated payment method) than the Job will not appear at all in the integration services area, for the Order using credit car/Integrated payment method it must be in the paid status for the Job to appear in PrintJobManager(once the new order email is triggered in Pressero post the successful payment transaction,than only the job will be available in PrintJobManager list dashboard) hence it is also necessary to verify the type of payment method being used. 
ii) Make sure the start and end date range in the Job List is appropriate as sometime the order coming from Pressero has the Requested ship date higher than what is set in the filter hence you would need to make sure that the job you are looking for lies within the range,if not please try extending the date range from here.