Why my AWI crashes when I use a database file from different system?

The database file can be found:-
The most common reason to use the database file from one system to another is to have similar rules on the AWI installed in the new machine. The AWI database file has all the information pertaining to AWI used in a specific instance. Whenever you copy a database file from one system to use it on another system most of the time the database file works. In some cases, it may not work and can lead to AWI crashing.  The common reason for the AWI crash, when you use a database file from a different system is that the database file is blocked for security reasons. In order to resolve this problem, go to the properties of the database file and check the option Unblock.  This will unblock the database file and you will be able to use the database file.
If this does not resolve your problem, then please submit a support ticket through our support portal. Please attach the database file and attach any logs that is generated by AWI, you will be able to find the log file in log folder that is present in the folder where the database file resides. Path provided above.