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FLOW v10.8.0
rev 3c065f1b
Release date: 02/10/2020
Feature Callas pdfToolbox 11.0.528
54069 Feature Pluggable storage : Added archival to S3
64770 User Story Ability to pull back a low-res file with the template overlay lines
66493 User Story Add caching to the code that fetches jobs and orders counts
66494 User Story Create indices on client_user_visibility table to speed up UI
65757 Bug Activity popup is partially covered
66156 Bug Orders and Jobs are not updating after archive/unarchive
66162 Bug The Duplicate Job feature doesn’t work correctly
66176 Bug Some orders when duplicated do not keep the Company Name
66178 Bug If a job is archived when re-creating proof it stucks in 'archiving' state
66272 Bug StorageManager: error if the same file is requested two times in parallel
66325 Bug tBot: Make sequential is not working properly
66480 Bug Automation Assets: File Upload don't ask to replace file
66540 Bug Changing the thumbnail source doesn’t work
66657 Bug tFLOW API: The 'props' attribute is not encoded correctly
66695 Bug File names containing '%' symbol are not handling correctly
66723 Bug Archiving to S3 may fail for files less than 5MB in size
66747 Bug StorageManager: does not work with S3 credentials
66772 Bug StorageManager: Possible data loss when archiving right after unarchiving
66774 Bug Call to undefined method when reapplying finishing
FLOW v10.7.4
rev aa6c8893
Release date: 02/10/2020
65200 User Story Add the quantity from job level to list view on order level
64214 User Story Optimisation - Rework customer users selection when editing orders client side
50217 Bug On Orders Page for Filters Jobs Count,Size (mb) if selected option-Between if increased and decreased - increases_decreases Less than,greater than option
64237 Bug Compare proof is not working
65106 Bug Missing sent to production date
65215 Bug Error 404 when marking a comment as "read"
65251 Bug Order widget is not applying the filter properly
65367 Bug Pluggable Storage: thumbnails are not displayed in some cases
65433 Bug Client logo are not removed properly
65702 Bug Inventory Sheet - Thumbnails are too small with fewer jobs per page
65721 Bug Client unable to delete Automation Assets files
65753 Bug Open job split into 2 lines for large view
66248 Bug Automation Assets Upload can't replace a file
FLOW v10.7.2.2
rev 6b6f8814
Release date: 01/09/2020
65688 Bug Wrong logo on proofs
FLOW v10.7.2.1
rev 3d4a90ea
Release date: 01/07/2020
65609 Bug Wrong date of the asset objects
65686 Bug Email notifications not being generated
65688 Bug Wrong logo on proofs