tFLOW History 2020

FLOW v10.
rev 3ca281ac
Release date: 12/02/2020
68205 User Story Improve personal upload link
69362 Bug Job name in the History is not correct
70027 Bug Error 500 when calling /api/v2/user/create API method
FLOW v10.9.2.3
rev 8b462566
Release date: 11/26/2020
69871 Bug Docker Build is failing due to a PHP error on ComposerPlugin
69476 Bug Comment not added when selected "reject and upload"
69457 Bug Issue uploading art or support files, case sensitive problem
69433 Bug Approving job via invitation link email results in server errors
69427 Bug User list in order form is not refreshed after filtering
68855 Bug Dragging and dropping files to Support Files area not working properly
68603 Bug Error when processing incoming emails
68223 Bug Ship date field is too small

FLOW v10.9.2.2
rev f2d6f51f
Release date: 10/22/2020
68743 User Story Disclaimer text not showing up when “Approve Anyway” is displayed
69563 Bug Client users not visible in the list and not assigned
69505 Bug On mobile browser the implicit login is not working
69403 Bug tFLOW Mobile Site displaying customers on jobs to which they are not assigned
69339 Bug Job level product not honored if different than Order level product
68780 Bug Flickering when drag & drop over order view list
68642 Bug Customer Getting 500 Internal Server Error while accessing dashboard
69319 Bug When duplicating a product, the values of some fields are not retained
FLOW v10.9.2
rev 971539df
Release date: 08/27/2020
68520 User Story New structure of the profile variables API parameter
68080 User Story Released latest Callas pdfToolbox v11.1.544
67655 User Story Change UI to avoid comments at approval
66879 User Story Change variable inheritance for existing orders and jobs
66953 User Story Make the links in the annotation clickable
67051 User Story Option to keep variable settings when installing a new script to a product
67052 User Story Ability to duplicate products
67131 User Story Add a selector to choice product variable setting
67189 User Story Added validation of email server credentials
67302 User Story Develop a procedure for migrating larger instances to the cloud
67402 User Story Implement separate validation of email servers credentials
67575 User Story Updated localization files
67653 User Story API extension for comments
68560 Bug Finishing script not assigned to new created order
68470 Bug Fixed API documentation
68239 Bug Issue with the original artwork converted to PDF but with the original artwork's file ext
49656 Bug Callas bug - fails to add bleed properly CA1027514 CA1027513
49659 Bug Footer required improvements on small resolution
49664 Bug Callas bug - fails to add asymmetric bleed CA1027547
51945 Bug When job State is on Hold and if uploaded unsupported file on "Preflight Messages" Page Download Report PDF button is enabled but does not download Report
65794 Bug Proofs are merging in random order
65926 Bug Emails sent from messaging area are not showing as an email in Global History
66009 Bug Clicking on message in Global History brings user to wrong order
66891 Bug tBOT blocking all new smtp clients showing authentication error
66954 Bug Wrong Highlighted items when drag a script
67023 Bug Global History - missing reference to the job for some activities
67075 Bug On job Large Tiles view the product is not correctly listed
67221 Bug tFLOW cannot re-create proof if the revision is not migrated
67281 Bug Thumbnails, previews, etc. are not shown for archived jobs
67285 Bug Error 500 on Linux installation
67389 Bug Error 500 when trying to update order
67428 Bug tBOT: Customer unable to send jobs to Onyx with quick-sets
67615 Bug When creating a user via the public API, and providing an empty value for alertTypeGroups, tFLOW uses default groups.
67715 Bug Validation on Linux fails for same account correctly validated on Windows
67940 Bug Revision comparison could fail producing result
FLOW v10.8.0
rev 3c065f1b
Release date: 02/10/2020
  Feature Callas pdfToolbox 11.0.528
54069 Feature Pluggable storage : Added archival to S3
64770 User Story Ability to pull back a low-res file with the template overlay lines
66493 User Story Add caching to the code that fetches jobs and orders counts
66494 User Story Create indices on client_user_visibility table to speed up UI
65757 Bug Activity popup is partially covered
66156 Bug Orders and Jobs are not updating after archive/unarchive
66162 Bug The Duplicate Job feature doesn’t work correctly
66176 Bug Some orders when duplicated do not keep the Company Name
66178 Bug If a job is archived when re-creating proof it stucks in 'archiving' state
66272 Bug StorageManager: error if the same file is requested two times in parallel
66325 Bug tBot: Make sequential is not working properly
66480 Bug Automation Assets: File Upload don't ask to replace file
66540 Bug Changing the thumbnail source doesn’t work
66657 Bug tFLOW API: The 'props' attribute is not encoded correctly
66695 Bug File names containing '%' symbol are not handling correctly
66723 Bug Archiving to S3 may fail for files less than 5MB in size
66747 Bug StorageManager: does not work with S3 credentials
66772 Bug StorageManager: Possible data loss when archiving right after unarchiving
66774 Bug Call to undefined method when reapplying finishing
FLOW v10.7.4
rev aa6c8893
Release date: 02/10/2020
65200 User Story Add the quantity from job level to list view on order level
64214 User Story Optimisation - Rework customer users selection when editing orders client side
50217 Bug On Orders Page for Filters Jobs Count,Size (mb) if selected option-Between if increased and decreased - increases_decreases Less than,greater than option
64237 Bug Compare proof is not working
65106 Bug Missing sent to production date
65215 Bug Error 404 when marking a comment as "read"
65251 Bug Order widget is not applying the filter properly
65367 Bug Pluggable Storage: thumbnails are not displayed in some cases
65433 Bug Client logo are not removed properly
65702 Bug Inventory Sheet - Thumbnails are too small with fewer jobs per page
65721 Bug Client unable to delete Automation Assets files
65753 Bug Open job split into 2 lines for large view
66248 Bug Automation Assets Upload can't replace a file
FLOW v10.7.2.2
rev 6b6f8814
Release date: 01/09/2020
65688 Bug Wrong logo on proofs
FLOW v10.7.2.1
rev 3d4a90ea
Release date: 01/07/2020
65609 Bug Wrong date of the asset objects
65686 Bug Email notifications not being generated
65688 Bug Wrong logo on proofs