ShipStation Integration - Do orders using non-integrated shipping methods get pushed to ShipStation?

Currently, ShipStation does not support non-integrated methods. Any non-integrated ship method in Pressero will need to have an Integration ID added that maps to a particular service that ShipStation supports, listed on their Excel file, in the format indicated. To set this up:
2) Scroll down to the "Support for API Issues" section.
3) Ask ShipStation support for a list of serviceCodes and carrierCodes available.
4) Once you have the API serviceCode and the API carrierCode that you would like to map to your Pressero shipping method, go to the next step.
5) Log into Pressero admin.
6) Go to Preferences > Shipping > Methods > [Shipping Method].  In the Shipping Method Settings section locate the integration ID field.
7) Enter the carrierCode followed by the "|" pipe symbol followed by the serviceCode.  It will look like this:

Some examples of integration IDs (Aleyant makes no guarantees that this list is accurate, as ShipStation controls this).