How can I reduce the number of fields on the Create Account form?

Question: How can I reduce the number of fields on Create Account form while signing up a new user on B2B site?
Answer:  We understand that there are some users/customers who might not like to fill all the details in the sign up form and to reduce the fields you would need to go to the Profile fields tab in the User management.
Path: Admin > Site > User Management > Profile fields >and uncheck and save the fields which are not required/mandatory like middle name,fax,cell number etc.
We can reduce the Profile fields for new user signing up by either making it optional or non active on the form.
Important Note: Some profile fields like First Name,Last Name,Email,Address 1,City,Country,State & Province,Password & Confirm Password are non editable under Admin > Site > Site Name > User Management > Profile Fields > Edit Profile Fields
These fields are non editable and could not be removed completely while signing up on B2B site.