How to set Pricing Attributes on Spreadsheet for AWI rules

On Automated Workflow Integrator you can create several Download Rules, one of them is Product attribute key matches.

This rule works with Product Attributes but with Pricing Attributes as well. The attribute value can be used to grab orders based on the attributes set in the spreadsheet pricing calculator.


You need to set a prompt (Key Matches) and a value (Value Matches) on specific cells. This information comes through the Attribute cells inside Pressero. 


In the following example on the cell A8, you will see the string Print (Key Matches) and on the cell B8, you will see the values Digital or Offset (Value Matches). 


The value changes based on the Quantity Parameter. A simple "=if" formula is set on the spreadsheet, so your customers will select a quantity option and based on their selection the Attribute Cell will change the Print technology.

The Attribute will be shown in Pressero in the Edit Item tab on the Order Detail Report as well.



This is how looks the Spreadsheet:



How to set Attributes in Pressero:



Checking Edit Item tab in Order area:



How to set Product Attribute rules* on Automated Workflow Integrator:



* Allow Subsequent Rules to Process should be marked in order to process both rules.