Can I show Payment Pending instead of Order Cancelled if the payment is declined for an order

Question: I am an administrator for our storefronts,My issue is that the order is not canceled, but its payment is pending so Instead of having the order list saying "order cancelled" in Pressero admin why not have the order list say "order payment pending?" Not "order canceled."?
Solution: Unfortunately the current behaviour will only  allow any order that has not been paid and uses an integrated credit card payment method will arrive in Pressero admin as "order cancelled" until the client finishes payment.
What happens is when the user clicks the check out button, the order will be placed in Pressero - before payment, it will be in a cancelled state until the order is successfully paid,for most orders that should only be a few seconds,sometimes users fail to pay for whatever reason,those orders will be in admin as cancelled, That way you can contact the customer and they don't have to re-enter the order.
Alternative way of achieving your goal:
However I have an alternative suggestion for you to see the Order status as "Order Pending Payment" in the admin if the Order is still waiting for the payment.
In order to achieve this what I can suggest is to make the changes in the Workflow created for the products under Admin>Preferences>Workflow>Edit Workflow>Edit Stage "Order cancelled">Save Stage>Save workflow.
By default this should have three stages Order Received,Order Completed & Order Cancelled to be a valid workflow.
Now the trick you can apply here is Change the Internal Name of the stage "Order Cancelled" to "Order pending Payment",
Reason for changing the Internal Name: So that it will reflect the custom stage name in Pressero admin Order dashboard.
what this will do is whenever the order is placed using Integrated Payment method like Authorize.NET CIM and for some reason the payment is not made it will come as "Order Pending Payment" in your Pressero admin Dashboard.
You would also require to create additional stage in the workflow :
However there is a catch here,you might probably need to have the stage with Order cancelled status(as there could be orders that you may wish to be in the cancel status only)hence you would need to add another stage as "Order Cancelled" with the stage Number 4 right after the Order Pending Payment stage(Stage 3).
Please see the below image for more clarification:

By following the above steps if any order placed with the payment failed status(For Integrated Payment Method only) the workflow stage created above with the internal name as "Order Pending Payment" will be taken into consideration and will reflect the same name in Pressero admin Order dashboard,whereas if you may want to cancel the order from the admin you can also do that from admin by changing the status to Order Cancelled.

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