Ch. 015. Field Setup: Format - General

Field Name Applies To Properties
Font Format Text Fields Only Allows formatting for size and styleLine leading ranging from 1 point to 250 pointsNine alignment settingsTracking increments ranging from +50 to -50 PointsOpacity zero to 100%
Text Reformatting Text Fields Only Options include special case formatting, Telephone numbers, email, URL, European formats. Two check boxes include mandatory formatting and dynamic formatting to insure the text fits within the field being formatted. Always Reformat means that even if the customer changes the format, when they update the preview it will go back to the formatting you have set in the field. Simple Title Case - The first letter in each word is capitalized. Intelligent Title Case (English) - The first word in each word is capitalized with exceptions:These words are always uppercase: PO RR CEO VP VP CFO COO III II IV CTO These words are always left alone (their case not altered):: with, when, and, or, a, an, the, from, to, on, as, of, in, at, for, will
Text Direction Text Fields Only Options are Horizontal (standard) and Vertical (Asian). Horizontal text runs in lines from left to right, with successive lines proceeding top to bottom. Vertical text runs in lines from top to bottom, with successive lines proceeding right to left. Important: only fonts that have been embedded in Unicode can use vertical text.
Preserve Spaces Text Field Only May be used when you want your customer to be able to use the space bar to insert more than one space between words. Normally multiple spaces are collapsed into a single space, according to HTML rules.
CMYK or Spot Color Text Field and Barcode Field Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Blank values define a process color. If a spot color is needed, enter the spot color name in that textbox and ALSO enter the CMYK values to give the spot color’s approximate appearance. The CMYK appearance will be used on-screen and in color composite proofs.
Horizontal & Vertical Scaling Text Field Only Applies distortion to the text based on the value entered.
Font Outline Text Field Only Checkbox applies outline with settings for color and thickness. The color can only be CMYK here, not a spot color.
Stacking Order Text Field Image Field Barcode Field Specifies layering of text or image in relation to an image or other object. (This use of the word "stacking" has nothing to do with "stacking groups", described later.) Options: -1 = below master PDF 1-100 = normal fields 101-110 = overlay fields - In Interactive Designer templates, these fields cannot be edited by the user and will always appear over user-added fields.
Rotation On Text Field Image Field Barcode Field
Applies an angle to text or image based on the value, in degrees entered into the field.
  • 0° value =no change
  • 90° = vertical text
  • 180° upside down
  • -90° or 270° = vertical reversed
Image Border Image Field Only Draws a frame around image fields, with settable line thickness and line color.
Field Usage Text Field Image Field Barcode Field Dropdown defines four options for how the field will be viewed.
  • "Proof and Production" viewable in all outputs
  • "Proofing Only" will exclude the field from the production file.
  • "Production Only" not viewable on the proof, included on the production file.
  • "Hide Field" conceals the field from both production and proof files. Use this for fields where the user enters a value that is used elsewhere in scripting formulas.
Barcode Rendering Barcode Field Only
Formatting options include native barcode generation for QR Codes, UPC (UPC-A and UPC-E), Postnet, Intelligent Mail Barcode, Planet Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, Type 128, and 3 of 9. All barcodes are CMYK (or spot color) vector based for optimal print quality.
Copy formatting from
Text Field
Image Field
Barcode Field
Copies the formatting from another field on the same template. Click the drop down and select the desired field.

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