Why does my browser load a blank tab when attempting to generate a report?

In some cases you may notice that when attempting to generate an order's report such as the "Job Detail" report and your browser opens up a new tab but instead of showing the report, the tab is blank.
This can happen occasionally and is often due to a third party extension loaded within your browser that is blocking the report from opening properly.  There may be a setting within this extension that needs to be adjusted or the extension may be disabled entirely which should help to correct the problem.
To view a list of extensions and disable them within your browser, please review the steps below:
Go to browser settings > Extensions.  On this screen you can attempt to disable the extension by clicking on the horizontal slider.  Once the extension is disabled, try running the report once more to see if this helps.
Go to browser settings > Add-Ons  and then click the three dots beside each extension or add-on to see a list of options.  You should be able to disable the extension form this area.
Go to browser settings > Extensions.  From this area you can click on the slider next to each extension you wish to disable.
Click on "gear icon" at top of browser and then "Manage Add-Ons".  You can click on any extension within the list and choose to disable it.
If you continue to experience the issue even after disabling extensions/add-ons, please contact support for additional assistance.