How do I connect my Pressero products to products in Shipstation?

Once the Shipstation integration is active and setup in your account, you may need to set what Shipstation products your Pressero products will be associated to, depending on how you want the integration to behave. There are three ways that products from Pressero get mapped to products in Shipstation.
1. To edit any products on your site and associate them to the Shipstation product that will apply to those orders. Edit the product on the site. Go to the Embedded Services tab for that product, to the Options > Product dropdown list setting, and select the Shipstation product to be associated to that product in Pressero.
2. If you have a lot of products to associate to a Shipstation product, you can also consider using the default setting that will apply the Shipstation product automatically to any orders. Go to Preferences > Embedded Services in your account, edit the Shipstation item, and then you can use the Default Product SKU field to assign a default value for the Shipstation product to use for any orders.
3. If no products are linked to Shipstation products and no Default Product is specified, then when the order is transferred, ShipStation will create a new product based on either the Product Name or the Item Name (selected in the Embedded Services settings) based on the selection chosen. If the product is already listed and matches the name in ShipStation, then this product will be selected. Note: using this method means your product list in ShipStation can grow very large. 
Please see the article Integration - ShipStation via Embedded Services for further information on the ShipStation integration.