How can I find the Product ID value for a Pressero product?

Clients who are working with the Pressero API may need to know the Product ID of specific Presssero products in their storefronts, and may want to find a Product ID quickly. There are two places in Pressero admin and on the site front end, where the Product ID can be seen.
1) By editing the product in Pressero admin and copying the Product ID value out of the url address shown in the browser. Go to Site > Catalog > Products and edit one of the products on your site. When you are editing the product look at the address bar in the browser. It will show an address similar to the one below. The hash value at the end of the address following ...Edit/ will be the Product ID.
2) On the frontend of a site, you can go to the product on the site and copy a link to the image that contains the Product ID in the link address. Hover your mouse on the product image, right-click to bring up the context menu, select Copy Link Location, and then paste the copied address down somewhere you can edit it. The value that shows right after /products/ and before the next slash will be the Product ID.
Just to confirm, the Product ID from both samples above is: a783db1f-0d2e-49a1-8ae0-0dd51b80a05d. That is a unique value for any product created on a Pressero site.