Is there a way to create a newsletter sign up on my site?

You can integrate Pressero V6 with a service called MailChimp ( MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service that will guide you through generating HTML signup forms that you can add to your Pressero site. Depending on the type of form you customize in Mailchimp you may need to add code to the head (In Pressero admin you edit the head content in Sites > Settings > SEO/HTML tab.) of your site or into content areas such as the "Footer Content" (found in Sites > Settings > Content).

Here are two other ways to have a form on your site:

1)  You can also create a form in Pressero and add the form to a page you create.  To create a form, go to Preferences > Forms.  To add the form to a page you've created, you would go to Sites > Site Name > Pages > Forms tab.

2)  You can use a free form creator.  We recently had a blog article about doing this.  Here is a link to that blog article: