How do I create a static print product?

If you wish to create a static print product or a stock product that will pull a file when an order is placed, this can be done by using Assets on your site. There is no setup in the product settings to do this, it is all done in the setup of the asset that will be linked to the product.
In Pressero admin, go to Sites > [site name] > Assets > List and click the Add New button. When creating the asset, set the "Usage" to "Product." A dropdown menu will appear below that will allow you to select the product with which you wish to associate the asset.  For the "Location of Asset" you can choose to either upload the file into Pressero or provide a URL for the asset's location. If the asset is associated with the product, the asset file will be shown on the Files tab for any orders for that product and can be downloaded if you are using AWI (Automated Workflow Integrator).  Make sure that you do *not* turn on the "Allow User to Download" setting unless you would like the user to be able to download this file on the product page before placing the order.  You can also turn on the "Include in emails" setting if you wish to email this file to the user when an order is placed.
For more information on working with assets, please review the chapter below.