What PrintJobManager Data is Available to Zapier integrations?

I'm thinking of connecting PrintJobManager to another application via Zapier.com. What PrintJobManager Data is Available to Zapier integrations?
Data Name and Type
billingAddressBusiness Text
billingAddressCity Text
billingAddressCountry Text
billingAddressFax Text
billingAddressID Guid
billingAddressLine1 Text
billingAddressLine2 Text
billingAddressLine3 Text
billingAddressName Text
billingAddressPhone Text
billingAddressPostalCode Text
billingAddressStateOrProvince Text
csrFullName Text
csrid Guid
customerJobNotes Text
customerOrderNotes Text
discount Money
dueDate Date  
estimate1Price Decimal
estimate1Shipping Decimal
estimate1Tax Decimal
estimate2Price Decimal
estimate2Shipping Decimal
estimate2Tax Decimal
estimate3Price Decimal
estimate3Shipping Decimal
estimate3Tax Decimal
estimate4Price Decimal
estimate4Shipping Decimal
estimate4Tax Decimal
estimate5Price Decimal
estimate5Shipping Decimal
estimate5Tax Decimal
isPaid Boolean
jobDate Date  
jobID Guid
jobName Text
jobNumber Numeric
jobSource Guid
jobSourceNumber Text
jobStatus Text
orderID Guid
orderNumber Numeric
organizationID Guid
organizationintegrationId Text
organizationName Text
personEmail Text
personFax Text
personFirstName Text
personFullName Text
personID Guid
personLastName Text
personLogin Text
personMobile Text
personNotes Text
personPhone Text
personTimezone Text
personTitle Text
poNumber Text
preTaxPrice Decimal
price Money
productEngineName Text
productionNotes Text
quantity numeric
salesRepFullName Text
salesRepID Guid
shippingAddressBusiness Text
shippingAddressCity Text
shippingAddressCountry Text
shippingAddressFax Text
shippingAddressID Guid
shippingAddressLine1 Text
shippingAddressLine2 Text
shippingAddressLine3 Text
shippingAddressName Text
shippingAddressPhone Text
shippingAddressPostalCode Text
shippingAddressStateOrProvince Text
shippingCost Money
shippingMethod Text
shippingMethodId Guid
shippingWeight Decimal
tax Money