What if my InDesign crashes every time I try uploading to a template when using the eDocBuilder plugin?

We have occasionally run into situations where the eDocBuilder plugin loaded into a current version of InDesign properly, and with everything set correctly and apparently working as expected, will continue to crash InDesign when trying to upload a document to a template. This can happen with an entirely fresh installation of InDesign and the eDocBuilder plugin.
Clients have reported that resetting the InDesign preferences in this situation has resolved issues with the eDocBuilder plugin crashing InDesign when trying to upload to a template, but we will not generally recommend doing this unless:
  • You have followed all the steps outlined on the page below under Configuration.
  • You have tested removing any other 3rd-party plugins from your copy of InDesign, and then testing the operation of the InDesign plugin.
  • You have tested turning off your firewall rules on your network and then testing the InDesign plugin's operation.

  • You have sent us a packaged copy of the document you are uploading and we have confirmed that the document uploads to a template when testing with your operating system version. A packaged copy of your document is obtained by using the File > Package command from the InDesign menu with your open document.
  • You have communicated with our support department and provided us logs from your InDesign application crashing on upload, and we have confirmed that we cannot immediately determine the nature of the crashes you are seeing.
  • You have communicated with our support department and we have confirmed that all your InDesign and operating system versions are current and up-to-date and uploads should be working for you, or if you have verified that you are running current versions on InDesign and your operating system, and you think it should be working.
It is in these situations that we may recommend following Adobe's directions for resetting the preferences in your copy of InDesign, which are linked on the page below under Restore all preferences and default settings: