Can I calculate and display a price in eDocBuilder?

A combination of casting the field input as a decimal number and using the format vbscript command can be used to automatically calculate and format field input as a number in an eDocBuilder template.
The field input in eDocBuilder is a string value, so the first step is using the Dec() command to cast the input into a decimal number. Then use the format currency command on the decimal value from the input field.
For example, with an input of 123, the command below would return $123.00:
format(Dec(inputField), "C")
And this variation of the command would return $110.70:
format(Dec(inputField) * 0.9, "C")
The options that are available for the format command are listed on the Microsoft page referenced below:
The Format command as used in eDocBuilder vbscript is listed on the article below:
Please note that this article talks about calculating and displaying a price when working in an eDocBuilder template, and is not related to the product price, or pricing engine functionality on a Pressero site.