Basic steps to install new AWI version on your machine

Here are some basic steps that you may wish to take before installing a new version of AWI:
  • Current AWI settings and rules are stored in the database file used by AWI. This database file can be copied from it's home folder to make a backup of your AWI setup and rules.
  • Uninstall existing AWI version using the Remove option when running the AWI installer, or using the Add/Remove programs from the Windows control panel.
  • Download the latest AWI installer from the Aleyant support website below, and run the current installer on your machine:
  • Set up your new AWI version with the above settings and rules if it is a new installation of AWI, and existing installation should use the rules and settings that were already present.
Important Note: The database file containing your settings and order information is separate from the installer, and is not  modified or reset when the installer is run. If you do wish to backup your AWI settings and rules, you can make a copy of the  database file located in a path similar to this on your computer.