How do I make my site a secure site?

In order to set your site as secured, you have two options:
  1. This option can be used while adding the domain name in Admin > Site > Settings > Domain. When adding your domain name ( or you have an option “Use Security Certificate for this Domain” all you need to do is check this box before clicking  “Add new domain”.
    1. Please Note: Checking this box after adding a domain will not work and will not make your site a secured site.
  2. If you already added the domain name and want to set your site as secured, then all you need to do is click on the Pad Lock icon that you see on the left side of the site name. See below:
When your site is not secured, it will show an open Padlock icon with a yellow background and if your site is set to secure then you will see the locked Padlock icon with a green background.
Once you take either of the steps mentioned above, please give it 24-48 hours for the site to become secure. If it is not secured after 48 hours’ time, then please submit a support ticket through our Support Portal.
Please Note: Checking the box of "Redirect to Primary Domain" is recommended because you can add more than one domain name in Domains Tab of site setting and you may have not set all the domains as secured. In order to avoid any confusion, you can check this box and it will redirect all the domains to Primary Domain.
For more information on domain settings please refer to this chapter Ch. 034 Domains Tab in Settings.