New Order Alert or New Job Alert

Does PrintJobManager send a "New Order" or "New Job" Notification?
There are two ways to know that a new job has arrived.
  • The List View of Orders/Estimates is used to see a new order/job (whether converted from an estimate, coming from Pressero, or entered directly into PJM by one of you). A "New Jobs" view can be set up to see just new jobs. Reviewing that list will alert your shop about any new orders. As soon as work starts and the job status changed, the job will no longer display in the "New Jobs" view.
  • Alternatively, you could also use the included Zapier account to create a New Job email alert. We do have a “new order created” trigger... so you could base it off of that. But if someone is going to need to check their email, why not just check the New Job view instead?