“ALT tags” for the banner images

Question: Why there are no ALT tags in the banner images on the site the way system automatically adds it for the product, category, page images on the site?
Answer: ALT tags are an important factor for the Search Engine Optimization for any site to perform better in the search results on the internet.
Pressero has the inbuilt capability to add these ALT tags automatically to the image’s users are using on the site whether it’d be product images, category images or any image on the custom page you’re using to build the page. However, there was no ALT tag for the banner images in the system to be added automatically to the banner images.
In the recent update of Pressero, we have included this functionality too in the system and it would add the ALT tags for the banner images automatically once banner is being used on the site.
Important Note: Please note that, as it is the recent update to the system, hence, the images which are being used in the banner before this update won’t have the ALT tags added and users have to delete the banner and have to add it again in order to view the ALT tags for the banner images.