What restrictions apply when using the eDocBuilder iFrame API interface to use assets passed through the URL with assetsURL?

When an assetsURL is provided, the images given are available to *any* image field that normally would accept a user upload. In this respect it acts like our Facebook, Instagram, or other integrations.

Some restrictions to keep in mind:

  • There is no way to restrict this use to specific fields. The images are available to any image field that would take an upload.
  • There is no way to use the assets for an image picker field.
  • There is no way to restrict a field to a subset of the assets. All fields will have all the assets in the assetsURL available.
  • There is no way to specify an assetsURL for some fields and a different one for other fields.
  • There is no way to require a user to use an asset rather than their own upload. Both choices are always possible.