Pressero Dedicated Server Overview

The Pressero Premier DS (Dedicated Server) plan provides an optimal combination of performance and security utilizing dedicated server resources. It offers an alternative to the shared server used by the other Pressero plans. 


The Pressero Premier DS plan actually delivers three distinct servers provisioned for your instance of Pressero: 

  • Server 1 (Windows Server): Pressero application
  • Server 2 (Linux): Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Server 3 (Linux): Firewall, reverse proxy, and caching 


  • Hardware resources dedicated to your company. With a dedicated instance, you don't need to worry if the activities of other users will impact the performance of your instance of Pressero. You receive the full benefit of hardware resources dedicated to your company. Remember that cloud applications generally are multi-tenant, meaning servers are shared.  
  • Higher API rate limits. For sophisticated integrations using our API, the rate limits on the shared instance of Pressero may not meet your requirements. With a dedicated instance, we can increase the rate limit. Upon request, we can remove it completely. However, we recommend setting a very high rate limit rather than removing it completely to avoid a scenario where your API implementation hobbles the system.  
  • Strategically delayed updatesThis allows plenty of time for any problems with new releases to be corrected before you receive the upgrade. Your instance will receive Pressero updates 1 week after the primary shared instance. 
  • Enhanced security. In addition to our many standard security benefits, you will receive: 
    • The database will be dedicated to your data, the database is not shared with other instances
    • You will be assigned a dedicated IP address instead of sharing one with others. 
    • We can make minor firewall adjustments for your instance, such as blocking traffic from certain regions or the world or only allowing certain IP addresses 
  • Reduced latency. You can select a location closer to you for reduced latency. The dedicated servers are hosted on Amazon's global network of AWS locations consisting of many points of presence worldwide, including locations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.
  • Other benefits. The dedicated server plan has additional feature benefits unrelated to the dedicated server hardware. Asks your Pressero rep for details

Migration Timing, Affect on Existing Pressero Accounts

  • Timing: Any business day between 1am Central Time and 6am CT. No weekends.  We need to schedule your day/time preference a week in advance.
  • Your Pressero Downtime: If upgrading from an existing Pressero shared server account downtime will be 4-6 hours depending on the amount of data
  • IP Address Changes: On the agreed to time/date, there will be a window during the transition where the Aleyant infrastructure team will provide the IP address of the new server. You will need to use this to update the DNS settings where you registered your domain name for all custom domains you have assigned to your Pressero stores. The DNS settings will need to be updated from to whatever the new IP is. A custom domain is one you own/control, not a temporary " domain".(See, What do I do when I'm ready to "go live" with my Pressero site?

    The root address ( without the www) must be directed using the ahost pointer value, which is always a numeric IP address, and will always need to be manually updated if the ahost numeric address DNS pointer for Pressero changes. But the www record for the new domain name, like, can be created as a cname record.

Affect on Your Customers

There should be no affect on your customers, though they may notice an increase in responsiveness depending on their ISP, etc.


This is a hardware change only. Support will be handled in the usual ways via Pressero admin chat or using the support ticketing system.


  • Once migrated to the dedicated server, moving back to a shared server is possible. However, it would require hiring our professional services team to recreate the stores, products, payment, shipping methods, etc. This work would be quoted based on the amount of stores, products, etc. involved. However, order history from the dedicated server would be lost.
  • eDocBuilder is a separate software system and not part of a Pressero dedicated server. Your templates will still work within the Pressero stores on the dedicated server as they do now.