Scripting: What language does tFLOW use for product scripts?

 What language does a tFLOW product script use?
The scripts used by tFLOW are created in pdfToolbox from Callas Software GmbH. The result is a .kfpx file type. You need Callas pdfToolbox to create the scripts and you need to be a skilled programmer as product scripts can be quite complex.
Where can I get pdfToolbox and training?
For details on purchasing pdfToolbox or training, contact Callas,
Can I modify the tFLOW scripts or create my own?
Assuming you have pdfToolbox and are skilled in its use, you can modify the scripts that come with tFLOW, as well as create your own. Otherwise, Aleyant will create scripts for you. The first 5 are free (for Enterprise plan and 2 for Professional), after that scripts are created based on an hourly rate. Contact Support if you's like Aleyant to create a custom product script for you.